Monday, September 05, 2011

Class Connect

Ok found this new site that will allow me to post things we are doing in class, live lectures, videos, forums (chatroom), and more. In order for you to accesss it you need to log in with  my class code. This is a FREE site so no charges. Also if you are the student please get your parent's permission.

I am hoping that this makes what I am doing in the classroom more transparent (you are able to see at home). It says that if students have trouble with concept at home they can view the materials done in class (websites, documents, and videos used) to review or go over the information again.

As I get to know this program I will add more. Right now I have a forum up for rules and book recommendations. Please check this site out and I hope it turns out to be as great as I have seen it be used!

site: Class Connect
class code: b43f330c69

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