Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pet Peeves Linky Party

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Ok I have several pet peeves. Here they are:

2. Moving around the room without permission
3. Students saying he touched me/my desk or he looked at me!!!
4. Interupting me during directions to ask
    HOW DO WE DO THIS?????
5. Saying they didn't do their homework because forgot
    it at school when I ask everyday to get out homework folder
    before we line up.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Podcast for Books for this year!

Plus I want to do the podcast with questions for the teacher. Do you have a question for the beginning of the year? Comment and let me know your question!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter here I come!

I am treating my Dad and Nephew to a movie for my Nephew's birthday. I am soooo excited to see how this story ends since I didn't read this book. Anyone else going? Stay tuned for a review!

Monday, July 11, 2011

How do you do that?

Ok I had a friend ask about how I got the groovy backgrounds and owls (this is a template I got which included all of that). It can be a little complicated so I am going to have a weekly how do you do that post for Blogger. Now this is ONLY Blogger since I don't know alot (or anything) about Wordpress. Blogger recently changed so some things I am still figuring out. And if you think I am Miss Know-it-all I learned this from other great bloggers who shared. So most posts will be linked from their posts. I will also share some tips I have found that have helped! So starting sometime this week I will have a how to add a background to Blogger!

Check out these sites to find a background or template for free! Most of these are scrapbook looking but there are some not so girly/scrappy.
  • Leelou Blog Designs-click on freebies and choose blog designs. You can get just the background or the whole shebang (all the extras) in the template.
  • Shabby Blogs-click on backgrounds (you have to get the extras on your own)
  • Templates by Tenille-go to freebies
  • My Style Backgrounds
  • Pixelitas Designs (only a few but have women on them)

Leelou Blogs
The Pixelista

Looky what I got!

Ok the school supplies are bought! I spent most of June/July looking for deals and I hope I got everything. Below are things which I bought for the class and me!

This is dollar store stuff. More dry erase markers, 3 timers I hope to use for math facts and reading fluency,  paper clocks, pencils, homework passes, notes from teacher, and some liner. I learned about this from another teacher. You can put this down on desks to prevent dice from making a lot of noise. I will try it and see.

These are from Staples. All of these were a $1!!

More Target stuff. Puzzle for the layers of the earth, mechanical pencils, stamp pads for my mini alphabet stampers for word work, phineas & ferb erasers, hand pencil top erasers, bandz, and glue (20 cents each!).

Ok originally bought the bags for the behavior folders but found out we will be using backpacks. Eh oh well I will find a use for these cute things! The pencils, cup holder w/photo section and little notepad I bought for my desk. I couldn't resist the colors and pattern lol.

More Staples things. Pencil top erasers, pencils again, and I finally found round labels! I will be printing I got 100 on spelling test for students to wear. Maybe something else too.

School supplies from Walmart before they went up! I got these alot cheaper than they are now. Not pictured are the 3 ring binders I plan to use for writer's notebook this year. The mini clips are cute and they had them even smaller but I thought it would be hard to write names that small or put a label that small on them. The hidden picture pad I think I will use for brain breaks and rewards.

Hobby Lobby these were $1.69 and on sale! I wish I had gotten more.

The Learning Zone stuff. I had a hard time finding western stuff this year. Not the same name plate but I actually like it better! I also picked up the wanted mini signs to put pictures on and hang in class. The little smiley face is a popper I want to try and use to get attention.

Well that's it for now!

Monday, July 04, 2011

My first blog post for this blog!

Well I have decided on this cute owl design since our mascot is the owl. I will continue to add things to this as the summer progresses and I find things to say! Have a Happy Fourth of July and stay safe!