Monday, July 11, 2011

How do you do that?

Ok I had a friend ask about how I got the groovy backgrounds and owls (this is a template I got which included all of that). It can be a little complicated so I am going to have a weekly how do you do that post for Blogger. Now this is ONLY Blogger since I don't know alot (or anything) about Wordpress. Blogger recently changed so some things I am still figuring out. And if you think I am Miss Know-it-all I learned this from other great bloggers who shared. So most posts will be linked from their posts. I will also share some tips I have found that have helped! So starting sometime this week I will have a how to add a background to Blogger!

Check out these sites to find a background or template for free! Most of these are scrapbook looking but there are some not so girly/scrappy.
  • Leelou Blog Designs-click on freebies and choose blog designs. You can get just the background or the whole shebang (all the extras) in the template.
  • Shabby Blogs-click on backgrounds (you have to get the extras on your own)
  • Templates by Tenille-go to freebies
  • My Style Backgrounds
  • Pixelitas Designs (only a few but have women on them)

Leelou Blogs
The Pixelista

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