Sunday, September 06, 2015

Book Trailers of the Week

I have gotten behind in showing book trailers which I love to use in class to get kids interested in new, coming soon, or older books they may not of heard of. I have also tried to get students to make their own trailers at the end of the year but we always run out of time since I only have one ipad. So they are started but not finished.

Here is one I found from Mr. Schu at Watch, Connect, Read. It is from the awesome author of Scaredy Squirrel, and Chester, Melanie Watt

Here is another one for a graphic novel called Hilo: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth by Judd  Winick.

Last trailer for the day Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast.

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Second Week of School

The school year is in full swing! I had morning duty last week so it was a very busy week. The first week of homework was done by about 1/2 the students. Remember that we are working toward points for the class goal! If we reach our goal we will have a 15 minute game time!

The coming week will be short due to Labor Day on Monday. There will be 1 less spelling and extra math page to do. Also the Raising Caine's Spirit Night will be Wednesday and I will be there from 4:30. It is on Bandera Rd near Hobby Lobby.


If you haven't sent me an email at my school email address: please do so I can send an invite to Bloomz a messaging system like Remind 101.

We have been having several brain breaks using gonoodle in class. If you haven't heard about it is awesome to get quick movement breaks that are fun. I have the free account so it is not tailored to our curriculum but the kids still like it. Some things we have done are Koo Kanga Roo Dinostomp and Ninja Warrior, Moose Raps, and YouTube songs. Click the picture to be taken to their site.


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