Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Reading Apps

 Ok a friend of mine Melanie Allison-Dean asked me what are some good reading apps for the Ipad (or Iphone). She use to be my partner in my portable and she moved to Houston (I miss you!) Sooo I thought I had some on my Pinterest or website but not much. Right now these are for read to self or whole group lessons and will add actual skill apps later. So here is what I found:

 Graphic Novels

Comics 4 Kids
  This app gives you graphic novels and comics that you can get for free (YES FREE! and good ones too!) as well as ones for purchase. The choices are somewhat  limiting but I felt pretty good and the pricing I think was competitive compared to there book format or ebooks in general. I recognized most of the series. My one minor problem is that there are some upper grade selections but those were for purchase.
 Stars: *****  A must get for your classroom!

Books in a Library program to read from:
Storia from Scholastic Free/Purchase
When you first sign up you get 5 free ebooks. I haven't used this much yet but I recognized books.   There are things to purchase and not sure if you can use Scholastic points to buy books. I will   check on this since it would make even better!

 Stars: ***  Good but could be better (for right now)

Story Beans Free/Purchase
This is shown as 1 book but it is really a library that you can get more from. The first story Giant and Kids is free and the rest is for purchase most are $0.99. You buy them single out side the app I guess? This one took some time to figure out like how to go back to the menu of books (double tap at top left corner) and if you tap some things in picture they move. The reading is good and graphics are cute.
         Stars: ** for figuring out it out  and having no how to use info.


 Books to Read on their own 
 Toy Story    Free
Yep the movie. Good pictures and pretty easy to use. Like the highlighting of words being read.

 Stars: ***** A must get for your classroom!

Kids Discover The Constitution
got for free from apps gone free currently still free!
WOW! These are so cool. What I liked best is the interactive features. In the Greece one you can do a 360 view of Parthenon and in Constitution the Supreme Court. You also have questions, videos,  activites (at end), zoom in pictures with captions and more! Some content is upper level.

       Stars: ***** A must get for your classroom!

  Meet Millie  Free
This is a series of books and this is the first one. The rest of the books are various prices up to $2.00. It was cute and used real pictures. Easy to use and lots of interactive stuff along with secret sticker on each page and pull tabs/pop ups.

Stars: ***** A must get for your classroom!

Hansel and Gretel,
Puss and Boots,
Sleeping Beauty 
Ok I got them for free from apps gone free but they are now $4.99!
Excellent graphics and reading. It does have interactive games but they are short and seem to be learning based more the most part. Even if you purchase them I think it would be worth it!
Stars: **** Even though a little high in price

Ok that's it for now! Let me know what you think!

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