Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ok it is that time again!!

Walmart, Target, and Michael's have my number this past week! This is THE time to get stuff for your class or even your own kids. Don't wait until school starts the time is NOW!

Below is things a I got at Half Price Books for my class library and for project ideas.

These are things from Walmart. I also got portable classroom caddies for supplies for $5 each and they had 27 pocket folder hanger for $13 and dry erase pockets for $2 a piece but I passed for right now hope this wasn't a mistake! 
All supplies in picture total: $50

This is what I got from Michael 's a couple of times some not shown because a surprise for someone!
All supplies total: $11?

I have also bought from goodwill a file cabinet that will be covered since blue right now, another bookcase(hey you can't have too many, even though I have about 5 right now!), a wine bottle holder that I am going to use as storage for supplies (saw on Pinterest) and a cookbook stand I plan to use for sign. All supplies total: $20!!!

This was from Dollar Tree.

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