Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Class Sign & workshop

I am trying to make my own sign for outside my door. I am going to paint it to make the fabric I bought to cover front of table. The fabrice is blue jean blue with light blue jean blue and olive and a light olive, which are in stripes  BB, LBB,O,LO and on each stripe is 2 thin stripes of matching color (if blue jean stripe is LBJ). Well I tried painting large stripes but lines are messy so I am going to try painters tape to get it cleaner and make the thin stripes since I couldn't do it with my thin brush. I will post picture once I have finished it. I will also put it on a stake and put that in a tall thin light blue tin bucket with handles full of rocks (the kind you see at Target/Walmart that are small but this is tall and thin). I plan to put underneath my name a little sign saying we are at and putting velcro and making little squares pictures to put up. I hope that this will be heavy enough to also be a door holder since I am in a portable this year and I plan to set this outside my door and bring in at end of day.

Yesterday went to cool workshop called Rock Your Classroom which Donna Vidal presented about adding music to your class. Wow great class! I have tons of songs now that I can use for morning music, beginnings, end of day/closure, traveling, motivation, thinking, and how to make songs for content area using nursery rhymes. I will post my playlists later once I have completed them! So cool!

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